Tilemaster Silicone 3000+


COVERAGE: Approx. 8.5 linear metres when using a 6mm x 6mm bead size




Silicone 3000+Silicone 3000+

A Premium Neutral Cure Mould Resistant Sealant

  • Tilemaster Silicone 3000+ is a premium solvent free, highly flexible and high performance sealant for walls and floors.
  • Is a neutral cure and non-staining silicone sealant which means it is suitable for use with sensitive natural stones such as granite and marble*.
  • Contains advanced Anti-Mould technology that will protect against mould growth when in use.
  • The Silicone 3000+ colour range has been specifically developed to compliment the Grout 3000 colour range and all colours of grout have a matching sealant.

Silicone 3000+ has two main areas of use: – For sealing joints between sanitary ware and ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, showers and wet rooms in both domestic and commercial environments. – For sealing movement joints in wall and floor tiling. Silicone 3000+ is a neutral cure sealant with excellent adhesion properties and it is suitable for use on a large variety of surfaces including ceramic, glass, porcelain, natural stone, PVC and wood. When cured Silicone 3000+ is highly flexible and will accommodate movement between two surfaces. Silicone 3000+ is waterproof and it is ideal for use in areas subject to prolonged wet conditions e.g. showers, wet rooms etc. Silicone 3000+ is very easy to apply, smooth and clean off and it is suitable for interior and exterior use.

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