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Glitter grout Staffordshire silicones

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Coloured glitter grout.

Ready to use glitter grout in a huge range of 15 colours to suit your projectGlitter grout.

  • Simple to use (just add water)
  • Anti mould technology
  • Fully flexible
  • Colour protection
  • Water resistant 
  • Huge range of coloursJust-Add-Water-Logo-V12


GUARANTEED COLOUR – Durable and intensive colours for years – pigments of high resistance to UV radiation additionally protected by special additives.
PEARL EFFECT – The use of structural and coat hydrophobic additives protects the surface against penetration of dirt and discolouration resulting from use.
BIO PROTECT – The addition of bio active substances protects the grout against development of fungi, mould and algae.
BIO BARRIER AG+ – Owing to the use ions of silver the grout holds antibacterial properties.
Staffordshire silicones glitter grout has Very high mechanical resistance – even to medium and high operation loads, including intensive cladding use, frequent scrubbing and abrasion. The abrasion resistance is 8 times higher than the PN-EN 13888 standard requirements for grouts of higher category – A. Very low water absorption – absorb-ability 3 times lower after 30 minutes and 4 times lower after 240 minutes than the standard PN-EN 13888 requirements for grouts of higher category – Wide Range of use – for any cladding on any substrate type, indoors and outdoors. Recommended for dry, damp and wet rooms, on floor heating systems, deformable substrates, façades, etc. Improved adhesion to tile edges – strong adhesion to edges of various tile types, even in case of high operation loads or cladding thermal deformations. Smooth surface.
Recommended for grouting cladding in drinking water reservoirs, food industry, healthcare buildings, nurseries, kindergartens, etc. Highly resistant to temperatures from -30° to +80°C. Manufactured in 15 colours of glitter grout

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