Types of Glitter Grout

Glitter grout

Here at Staffordshire Silicones, we know all about glitter grouts and we would be happy to advise you on any project your thinking about. We stock the very best materials with manufacturer warranties , including the acclaimed Atlas Sparkle GroutGlitter grout range available in 10 different colours,.

We can supply you with ready-made Glitter grout or grout glitter additive, which can be added to any existing grout you may prefer to use.
Whether installing a shower, bath or sink, fitting tiles in a bathroom or kitchen, creating a decorative mosaic, building a ceramic worktop, or putting in a tiled floor, the use of the most suitable and best quality grout is essential. Where waterproof seals are required, the correct grout must be used to ensure not only an effective seal but also ongoing hygiene. For example, the grout used when tiling a wall is not the same as that which should be used on a tiled floor.A good grout should be resilient to colour fade, lime scale, mould and, if used outside, should be impervious to frost. Some grout though, even if it does fulfil all these requirements, can often look unseemly. It may not match the original colour scheme or it may just appear dull and uninteresting. Our decorative glitter grouts can make all the difference between a purely functional job and one which complements the decorative scheme of any room.

As well as a huge range of grout and grout additives, we offer an extensive choice of sparkle glitter paint. This paint can be applied to any surface and when dry, leaves a transparent covering with the glitter left to sparkle and shine through; a wonderful decorative idea that can change the character of any room. We also have easy-to-use paint crystals which you can add to any wall emulsion for a spectacular decorative effect.[At Staffordshire Silicones, we deal with practicalities as well as decoration! When dealing with any job that involves water, it is essential that the water stays where it is intended to be and not be allowed to seep or leak elsewhere. We can supply you with complete Waterproof Tanking Kits which include tanking membrane paint, tape, matting and tile primer. With one of our kits, you can be sure of leak-free success.GLITTER GROUT

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Contact us today and let our team help you with their free expert advice.[Sparkle grout in 3 variations.

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