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Professional Mosaic Grout 250G


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Fully flexible Mosaic grout to finish your mosaic project of perfectly and adding a long lasting finish to help protect your mosaic project for the life of the piece.

Our grout is formulated for mosaic usage and is available in 6 colours Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Brown, White and Beige all have excellent anti-mould properties  and fully flexible so that even when used out side our mosaic grout wont let you down. Available in handy sized 250 gram packets this should easily cover a 0.7M2 project because our grout is very easy to use it appeals to the professional mosaic artist as well as the mosaic hobbyist.

Professional Mosaic Grout

  • Inhibits black spot mould growth
  • 4 hour working time
  • Durable & shrink resistant
  • For tiles fixed to ply-wood overlay
  • Perfect For Wide joint mosaic projects
  • Suitable for external areas
  • Will not scratch on mirror effect mosaics or glass tiles

Our mosaic grout cement-based, tile grouting compound available in a broad range of colour shades including grey for joints from 2mm up to 15mm wide around all types of tiles. It contains a fungicide which prevents the growth of black spot mould and can be applied using a sponge or rubber squeegee in areas where tiles are fixed to timber or external areas without Issue.
Conforms to : BS EN 13888 CG2

This Mosaic Grout should be added to water in a clean container whilst mechanically stirring and mixing thoroughly to give a smooth, consistent and easily worked mortar. The recommended mixing proportions by volume are approximately 1 part water to 2 parts powder Do not add more water than is necessary as this may prolong drying and significantly reduce the compressive strength of the cured grout. Part-used grout should never be “freshened up” with later water additions, but should always be discarded once it appears to lose workability. In ideal conditions The mosaic grout will remain readily workable for 3/4 hours and then reach final set after about 24 hours.

Application method:
Use a rubber squeegee, or smooth sponge to work the grout thoroughly
and consistently into the tile joints, removing the excess as work
proceeds across the tiled area. Fine grout residues can be washed away
with a lightly damp cloth or sponge up to 2 hours after application, with a
final clean finish being achieved using a dry cloth to polish the surface
when the joints have dried and hardened. Always ensure cleaning cloths
are clean and free from any contamination and no excess water remains
on the cleaned surface, as both are likely to cause colour inconsistency
on the surface of the cured grout.  The mosaic grout will be more difficult to remove from tiled
surfaces than standard wall grout when dry therefore extra care is
necessary to ensure residues are completely removed as the application
proceeds before the grout begins to dry.


Dark grey mosaic groutBeige Mosaic grout Brown mosaic GroutGrey Mosaic GroutBlack mosaic groutMosaic groutWhite Mosaic grout

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