About Us

Why we started Staffordshire silicones.

Working in the tile business for 15 years we have noticed several trends come and go, different sizes and styles in and out with the fashions. The one thing that has not really changed much from the 1960s is probably the most important thing in getting the effect your trying to achieve when your choosing the tiles for your project….. The grout.

Get it right and the marble bathing palace or contemporary modern clean looking wash room will amaze you every time you enter the room. Time after time we came over people choosing the wrong colour and failing to achieve the very thing that they had inspired to in the first place. Week after week old English kitchen floors are being grouted without any thought and taking away so much from the project because of a lazy unthoughtful decision sometimes even decided by what the tiler has in his van. The wrong grout can very easily make the most expensive designer tile look like a noughts and crosses board or fishing net!! The right grout finishes the project and adds too it instead of taking away. This is the very gap in the market that hit us on a daily basis.

That’s when we started Staffordshire silicones.

Before we started Staffordshire silicones the choice of grouts available in most tile shops was a very very basic White-Beige-Grey universal decision for whatever tiles you chose.

We started to ask about..

“What if I want terracotta grout with my terracotta tiles” “What about if the white silicone sealant is going to take everything away from what I’m trying to achieve” “What if I want sparkly grout with my sparkly tiles”
The answers we were getting were a very negative, either colour it yourself or go to a specialist and pay over the odds for it. There was simply nothing offered to the everyday end consumer. We set out to answer the questions with a very positive yes. If you want sparkly grout with your sparkly floor tiles then yes we can do it. If you want the colour of silicone to match your grout the yes we can do it, without compromising on quality all our products have long guarantees from the manufacturer and have the anti-mould prevention that’s the customer is asking for all whilst keeping a very competitive eye on the price with the end user very much in mind.

We have always offered support if somebody is having problems using our products or just simply wants some training, If they are asking for something we don’t yet stock or have a project where they are looking for something different. Then we pride ourselves helping and providing the customer support you would expect from a small family run business.

We know the market we also know our products this all provides our customers with the knowledge that they can buy with confidence and trust.

Please give us a call or text, facebook message whatever! We are here to help.

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